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Trendy and latest in fashion

Classic Real Silver 18K PVD Gold Filled Nattiyan Earrings

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7JEWELRY has a pride of being a one stop Shopping for latest fashionable Nattiyan Earrings and presents the Most Popular design in Nattiyan earrings decorated with stars which suits every day and occasions wearing.

Historically stars have helped the first explorers to find their way to new lands and then come back home again. So Stars have given humanity hope and guidance. This design reprsents hope, begining and first. Thus this is mostly bought as gift for him by her or self appreciation!

- This design natty represents most up to dateness in fashion and design. Chose this before they are sold out!


- 18k real gold filled on real silver

- Nickel and lead free/hypoallergenic.

- Standard size/Or Small as per pictures (look at the visual representation of diameters and comparision with Canadian coin)

- Light to wear

- Durable color and high quality fashion jewelry.

- These are for peirced ears and the part which goes to ears whole is desinged round, 1mm thick so that it can pass any earrings's whole.


Q. What size I need to chose?

A. If you are an individual of standard average face with standard ear lobe or prefer more hanging style earrings in fashion,  chose a standard size. If you have a small face, small ear lobe or low piercing, chose a small size.

Q. Can I shower with this design?

Yes, it is water proof with for a duratjon one year depending on acidity type of the water.

Q.Is it good for newly pierced earrings?

- Yes, as long as the piercing is healed properly

Q. Is there any warranty for the color ?

A. YES, The color has one year warranty and will be replaced for free if changed color.

Care & Instructions

- This peoduct has a fashion life spam and gold plated which is good for daily use with shower for one year. If you plan to keep this longer, recommended to take out while you shower

- Bend to open to wear  and bend to close

- Gold plated jewelry needs proper maintenance such as avoiding from perfume, lotion if you plan to keep them longer.

-Earrings are non refundable and non returnable due to hygiene. Placing an order means, agreeing to buy them as final sales.

- Reach us if you need help with your order.

- Our classic Gold filled Nattiyan earrings are  perfect gift for your self and your loved ones.

- Hand made and color is guaranteed for every day wearing for one year with daily normal wearing.

- It can be gold plated again when needed.

- It's a better quality than gold plated items and our best quality after real gold.

- The opening part is very secure and easy to open and close .

- It has springy (elastic closing) effect and closes by itself.

* They are not heavy to be worn daily.