FAQs about Nattiyan Earrings

1. Can you customize nattiyan earrings?

A: Yes, we can do. Contact us for a qoute

2. Are your nattiyan earrings made of pure  gold?

A: Check description of each designs we have. We offer what you need, Pure gold, Real Silver gold filled or gold plated and copper based gold plated.

3. . Do nattiyan earrings have warranty?

A: Check description of  each design we have. Only real gold, real silver and gold filled nattiyan earrings have warranty. Some high quality pvd gold plated nattiya earrings also have one year warranty for the color. So check the design you like.

4. Can I shower with nattiyan earrings?

A: Yes for real gold, real silver   gold filled and real silver. Gold plated nattiyan earrings are supposed not to be showered with if you plan to keep them for longer than 6 months.

5. What size suits me the best? 

A: Look at the pictures and videos' each product has. Still need help?

* Send us a message on our WhatsApp (+1 437 774 4702) and our design  team will suggest what you need :)

6. Can you gold plate again nattiyan earrings be always shiny as  I want?

A: Yes, for 20-25 CAD.

7. Can I exchange my nattiyan earrings? 

A: No. Earrings are non refundable and non exchangeable due to hygiene.

- Due to COVID 19, we are taking all measures to protect the health of our customers and team members. 

- If you have a problem with your order contact us and we will try our best to help you.

8. Does 7JEWELRY has branches in other places? 

A: Currently, we have only our showroom in Canada (Brampton, ONTARIO) but we have the following authorized independent sellers on different platfoms:

*Amazon; 7JEWELRY 

*eBay; 7Jewelry7

9. Why prices are different high in other platforms?

A: Because our costs are high in using those platforms so there is a convenience fees for customers using those platforms.

10. What is the difference between gold plated and gold filled?

A; Gold filled is a higher quality than gold plated which 0.06 micron gold on the base metal (real silver or copper) while gold plated has only 0.03 mcron gold on the base material.

11. I have a problem with my order?

A; Contact us (437 774 4702) within 3 days of the delivery with pictures of the problem and we will help you. Problems reported after that can be fixed but cost will be born by the customer.