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Perfect Skin Pack| FloraScience Complete Skin Care Set

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FloraScience Complete Skin Care Set

An exclusive and powerful Advanced Flower Technology3 to help reach 360° skin perfection. 

With its ultra-silky texture, this multi-functional luxurious Regenerating Face Serum helps to reduce signs of aging, minimize the appearance of lines & wrinkles while supporting the skin’s regenerating process for a younger-looking feel. Apply morning and/or evening on the face and neck after cleansing. Follow with the perfecting Face Cream for an optimal result. 



The perfecting Face Cream is the essence of skin vitality & youth sublimity, nourishing efficacy and radiance.

This product helps the skin become firmer, softer and more radiant looking. Apply morning and/or evening after using the Regenerating Face Serum, by gently applying over the face and neck. 



Due to its luxurious moisture matrix, this Nourishing Eye Concentrate has global anti-aging actions that help repair, nourish and hydrate the skin. An extraordinary powerful synergy for youthful-looking and rejuvenating eyes. Apply delicately morning and/or evening on the cleansed eye contour area. 


Powered by Flower Stem Cell Regeneration Technology

Living organisms fight damage by using stem cells and flowers are no exception.  Stem cells are the source of survival and growth in flowers, and they can regenerate themselves at all ages of life.  The bloom or blossom is the reproductive mechanism found in flowering plants. ViaVeta has developed a proprietary process to incorporate an advanced concentration of stem cells from these blossoms as active ingredients to produce a breakthrough in skin care.  

ViaVeta believes beauty, just like health, is built from the inside out.  Our cosmetic and body care lines work because they nourish your cells with the nutrients they need for optimal regeneration.  The scientists at ViaVeta are continually seeking how to improve your quality of life through the products you use in and on your body. 


Your “Secret Weapon” for Radiantly Beautiful Skin! 


ViaLife Hy-Collagen Beauty Booster 

ViaLife Hy-Collagen Beauty Booster is a unique super-drink that is revolutionizing the concept of beauty, moving from the superficial outlook of just treating the outside of your body, to nourishing it from the inside-out.  This powerful, nutrient-dense formula includes collagen, hyaluronic acid, and all seven of the necessary vitamins for radiantly beautiful hair, skin, and nails.   

Collagen is vital for healthy skin, because it’s the main structural protein of your body, making up about 75 percent of skin, bones and connective tissues.  It gives your skin its strength and structure and helps in the replacement of dead skin cells. Most importantly, your natural collagen production decreases about one percent annually.  

Unlike many other drink and nutritional formulas, ViaVeta doesn’t use bovine and porcine collagen because of the high risk of disease transmission.  Our super drink uses only premier quality marine collagen in a hydrolyzed form, extracted from the edible skin of saltwater fish such as salmon and cod. Marine Collagen is considered to be a vastly superior source of collagen.  

ViaLife Hy-Collagen Beauty Booster is a whole-body tonic.  It doesn’t just feed your hair, skin, and nails – but also your bones and joints.  Simply mix one sachet with water daily, to supercharge your body with beauty-boosting goodness!   


Key Benefits of Hy-Collagen Beauty Booster

• Natural berry taste 

• 98% bioavailability absorption within 4 minutes of in-take

• Nourishes your skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints

• Extremely high concentration of hydrolyzed collagen 

• Allergy-free

• Vitamin and mineral super-charger

• Loaded with Antioxidants

Hy-Collagen Beauty Booster - content:

1- Marine Collagen

2- Hyaluronic Acid

3- Vitamin C

4- Vitamin E

5- Biotin

6- Vitamin D3

7- Vitamin A

8- Vitamin B2 Riboflavin

9- Vitamin Niacin (Vit. PP)

10- Co enzym Q10

11- Lycopene

12- lodine

13- Manganese

14- Zinc

Made in Switzerland

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