Our collection

Our customers call us as ONE STOP shopping for their jewelry needs and we carry the following all ages men and women, girls and boys!

1. Anklets: We carry gold plated, stainless steel, fashion and 925 Sterling Silver products in anklets.

2. Bracelets: Our bracelets and bangles are gold plated, stainless steel, fresh water pearls, real jade,  fashion and 925 Sterling silver.

3. Brooches; We carry gold plated, stainless steel and fashion brooches.

4. Earrings: Our collection is huge in earring and we carry fashion, gold plated, fine gold, stainless steel, fresh water pearl, real jade, copper based, all types of earrings such a hoops, huggies, studs, chandelier, bridal and man more! We also carry stylish and fashionable Nattiyan Earrings!

5. Chains and necklaces: Our chain collection is huge and just amazing. We carry all types of chains including but not limited to Figaro, Franco, Rope, Miami Cuban link, Cuban link, omega, byzantine, curb and many more to discover

6. Rings: Our ring collection is a great! We carry occasion rings such as engagement , marriage band etc.

7. Jewelry Sets: Our main collection is jewelry sets and we have some design for every one and every style and color matching.

8. In addition to the above mentioned collection we also carry hair accessories, hand jewelry, head pieces, belts and many more

Check our collection!